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About Us

Dhaneswar Institute of Medical Technology (D.I.M.T) is a registered institute, and the aim is to promote Education Research & Scientific acumen of the pupil. Population of our country is increasing day by day. According to this, more number of Health Centers, Doctors, Health Workers & Technicians will be required to be established. They will provide Health services to our people. The main goal of the institute to establish Scientific Paramedical, Medical and educational Curriculum to develop the hidden skills of the pupils. DIMT is a pioneering Institute for imparting training for these technical medical courses. The institute has been working for the promotion of Paramedical, Nursing & Vocational courses with academic collaboration with BBS, promoted by GOVT. of India, AISECT- IGNOU & ONMEB, Govt. of Odisha. More ..

  Advisory Board
Sangram Biswal. (Chairman)
Pravat Ranjan Biswal. (M.L.A)
Smt. Laxmibilasini Biswal. (Chair Person, Cuttack Zillaparisad)
Prof. Dr.Damodar Biswal. (Ex-Director U.G.C, Uttkal University)
Ganga kurmar. (IAS)
Bhakt Charana Jena. (Journalist)
Dr. Ajit Prasad Jena. (M.D)



The Institute is registered under Govt. Of Odisha, Managed by Dhaneswar Memorial Educational Trust . This trust is Regd. Under Indian trust Act 1882. Dhaneswar Institute of Medical Technology is affiliated to Bharat Sevek Samaj (BSS).

The teaching has eminent, qualified and well trained staff, including Rtd. Professors, Doctors, Technicians and Management Personnel for teaching and administration.
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